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Four Challenges Of Choosing A DIY Move Over Hiring A Professional Moving Company

Are you planning a residential relocation within your city? Local moves seem easy to execute without professional help because they do not involve transporting items over long distances. However, a DIY relocation is often challenging and can become costly if executed incorrectly. Therefore, it's advisable to hire a full-service moving company to handle every aspect of your move. With this in mind, check out these four challenges that may arise if you opt for a DIY move.

Incorrect Measurement of Furniture

Do you have pieces of furniture that cannot be disassembled for a move? You must measure them correctly to ensure they fit through the corridors, doors, and stairways. These include tables, dressers, couches, and beds. Failure to measure the items correctly can cause them to become dented or scratched as you force them through tiny passageways.

Moving companies have the right equipment and expertise to handle bulky items. Before the move, they will measure your items to determine the best path to move them out of the old building and into the new one. If your doorways and hallways are too small, movers can hoist large items through windows and balconies using lifting equipment.

Time Constraints

When planning a DIY move, many people try to save money by opting for an hourly truck rental rate. However, if you fail to pack and move within the rental timelines, you will pay more for the truck. Unfortunately, time constraints are likely with DIY relocations. For example, if you lose moving help at the last minute, you will spend more time organizing and packing. A full-service package from a moving company includes packing and unpacking your items. Therefore, you won't need to worry about time constraints during the move.

Property Damage

Household items, such as appliances, furniture, and valuables, should be packed and handled carefully to prevent damage. If you don't have the right packaging materials, you can damage your valuables. Moving companies use proper packaging materials to safeguard valuables during a move. Movers also carry moving insurance. Therefore, if your items get damaged, you will be compensated.

Bad Weather

Last-minute weather changes can frustrate a DIY move and lead to costly mistakes. For example, if it rains on your moving day, your items may suffer moisture damage. Similarly, you could slip on the wet ground and drop delicate items when moving them. Professional movers possess the right equipment and expertise to handle household items during inclement weather. If the weather is too treacherous, your moving company can postpone your relocation at no extra cost.

The above challenges can lead to financial losses and frustrate your relocation. Therefore, hire a local moving company to ensure an uneventful move. 

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