Making Moving A Little Easier

3 Reasons Your Business Should Rent From A Storage Company

If your business has a lot of inventory or equipment that is quickly piling up in a backroom, it might be time for a better solution. Sure, you could expand to a new office building but that would require a lot of time and effort that you might not be able to give right now. Instead, one option you could consider would be to rent additional space from a storage company. Here are three reasons why you should take this option today.

1. Much Cheaper Than Building or Renting Out a New Warehouse

When you think of businesses storing key items like inventory, you probably visualize a large warehouse with row after row of product. But renting out a huge warehouse or even building one for your business could prove very costly. Traditional self-storage facilities might not have gigantic areas like a warehouse but you could easily rent two or more of their largest spaces and probably still come in far under what it would cost you to with warehousing.

2. Keep Your Backroom or Current Warehouse Safe

If you currently have a backroom full of product or equipment that is literally everywhere you turn, you could actually have a potential safety hazard on your hands. If an employee makes a wrong turn while driving a pallet jack or another piece of equipment back there, you could send inventory or even worse another employee flying. By moving some items into self-storage, you will be able to take back your current backroom or warehouse and have the place looking organized again.

3. Great for Out of Season Items

A self-storage facility could also prove useful even if you don't have the need for extra space at first glance. If your current warehouse has a ton of seasonal items like Christmas products in the middle of June, it could prove beneficial to temporarily relocate these items elsewhere. You could move all out of season inventory into self-storage, freeing up space for other items until the seasonal product is needed again.

If your warehouse or backroom isn't looking too hot these days, it might be time to improvise and come up with a unique way to create more storage. Instead of having to relocate to a new office building or build a brand new warehouse, why not just head down to your local self-storage facility and rent out some space? Self-storage will let you take back your current warehouse and might lead to a safer working environment as well.

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