Making Moving A Little Easier

Four Ways To Involve Your Child During A Move

Has your family outgrown your current home, and you plan on moving to a bigger home? If so, moving day will come sooner than you think. Your kids may want to get involved with helping, but you're finding that they are just getting in the way of the important task of packing. Here are some ways you can involve your child so you are ready when the movers come to take everything away.

1. Pack A Moving Day Bag

Many of their toys will be going into boxes, which means it may be a day or two until they can play with them again. Tell your child that they can fill up a backpack with all of their favorite toys to play with during that time.

This is a great idea because it keeps them away from packing up boxes, and instead has them take the things they use every day and put it in their personal backpack. It will also help avoid any meltdowns where your child is upset because they do not have their favorite toy on moving day.

2. Decorate The Boxes

There are going to be plenty of cardboard boxes around the home, which make for a wonderful canvas for coloring. Set your kids loose with crayons and markers and tell them that they can decorate the boxes themselves. Have them start with the boxes for their own bedroom, which will help them easily identify the boxes once they arrive at your new home. This is an activity that will be sure to keep them busy for a large chunk of the day.

3. Take Photographs

Tell your kids that they have a very important job for moving day, which is to stay out of the way and take photographs. Give them an old point and shoot camera, and have them go around the home to document everything that is happening. It will give them something to do that will keep their hands busy, and hopefully prevent them from being bored because something will always be happening.

4. Hire a Babysitter

Sometimes it is best to have someone around to take charge of the kids so that you can ensure everything goes smoothly. Have a friend or family member dedicated to watching the kids during the move, keeping them busy with games and activities. If you do not have a friend in the area that can help, hire a babysitter to take on the job.

With these tips in mind, your kids will be occupied for when the movers come to take everything away.