Making Moving A Little Easier

3 Tips To Make Business Relocation A Little Easier

A great deal of planning goes into any type of relocation, but when you're planning to move an entire business, things can get very nerve-wracking. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you get through this big transition with a little less anxiety.

Hire a Moving Service

Take some time to research the commercial relocation services in your area. Look for those that have pleased customers in the past by using the multiple business review websites online.

If possible, start looking for the moving service several weeks in advance. The sooner you begin researching, the better the chance of getting a company that you are confident in on the date that you plan to do the move. Waiting until the last minute could cost you more money and make it much more difficult to retain the date in which you plan to move.

Restricted Items

Once you've selected the moving service that will be assisting you, talk with them to learn what items are restricted from their trucks. It is possible that the office plants, perishable food, poison, compressed air canisters and other combustible materials will need to be moved in a separate vehicle. These restricted items could cause a lot of problems if you aren't aware of special packing procedures and try sneaking them into the moving truck.

Protect Your Client Confidentiality

Those filing cabinets that contain all of the client information inside must be given a little extra attention. Your clients have entrusted you with a great deal of information and it is your responsibility to ensure that it remains confidential.

If you plan to leave all of the files in the cabinets for the move, run a few pieces of tape down the front of them. Sign your name on the tape in a few areas so that you can tell if anyone opens the drawers while they are being transported.

If the cabinets are too heavy with the files inside, purchase a few file boxes and label them discretely on the outside. You need to know what's inside, but you don't want others to know what you have inside those boxes. Once they are loaded, tape them close and sign your name on the tape.

Start talking with your local commercial relocation services in your area. They will be able to assist you in making some of the decisions that are coming your way.